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What makes Canada East Rides any better than all the other online companies?

Being a Maritime-based company, we understand how hard it is to get approved for a car loan. Living in an area where it is difficult to find jobs, and wages are lower than anywhere else in Canada makes it difficult to be approved for an auto loan. We are in your corner every step of the way because we understand that. Why send your information to a generic company somewhere else in Canada or the United States when you can keep it local and be guaranteed confidentiality?

I am worried that if I apply, my personal information will sent to other online companies and I will constantly be badgered to buy unwanted products?

This is not the case with Canada East Rides. Your confidentiality is of the utmost importance. We are here to help you for one reason, and one reason only and that is to help you find an affordable vehicle while making the process as simple as possible. Your information is protected and will only be shared with our affiliated dealer partners. If you are further concerned, make sure you read through our Privacy Policy for reassurance.

I have been declined at many dealerships, what makes you think you can help me when they couldn’t?

Just because you have been declined at other locations does not mean you cannot be helped. We go the extra mile for our customers to ensure they get on the road as soon as possible.

What if I change my mind and do not want to purchase a vehicle but I have already submitted an application?

Not a problem. There is no obligation to purchase even if you filled out an application. We can stop the process at any point if you do not feel comfortable.

I am a seasonal worker and am laid off in the winter, will this affect my chances of a possible approval?

No it will not affect your chances. We at Canada East Rides are Maritimers too and understand the road blocks you run into as a seasonal employee. A good portion of the industry in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland is based around seasonal work. That is why we have partnered with dealerships who are specialized in dealing with Seasonal Employees and are able to get you into an affordable vehicle that works for you.

I don’t have any credit established. Can you still help me?

Yes we can. As you have probably heard, no credit is just as bad as bad credit, but we can still help you get into a vehicle. It is very important for someone with no credit to start building credit so they do not restrict future financing options (do you have future aspirations for school, mortgages, home renovations, etc?). Why not use a car loan to kick start that process?