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Dealer Reviews


I have purchased 2 vehicles through Canada East Rides. The first car was a 2014 Chevrolet Cruze and was the first vehicle I had ever financed. The car was amazing, but I wrote it off in an accident when I moved from Saint John to Halifax for work 6 months later. Immediately I reapplied at Canada East Rides and they were able to replace it with a 2016 Chevrolet Cruze with even less kilometers. They really helped me in the most stressful time of my life.


I was having issues getting approved for a car loan due to being a seasonal construction worker with poor credit. I would either be declined everywhere I went or be offered older vehicles with high mileage for a high monthly payment that I could not afford. I was about to give up and just buy a cheap car off Kijiji when I applied to Canada East Rides. They set me up with a dealership that found me a reliable car that fit my monthly budget. Fill out an application. You won’t regret it.


I was looking for a commercial van to use for my new electrical company I just started. They are not easy to find and I didn’t want to splurge on a new one as they can be very expensive. I looked everywhere for one that would work but was unsuccessful. I am not one for purchasing anything online, but my friend recommended I try Canada East Rides so I applied. I was contacted right away and they immediately started looking for me. I took about 3 weeks, but I finally have my van and am very happy with how easy it made things for me. Thanks Canada East Rides!


I am so glad that I applied with Canada East Rides. I was going from dealership to dealership trying to find someone who could finance me a vehicle but everywhere I went declined me. Frustrated, I stumbled across Canada East Rides website and applied. I was skeptical but they exceed my expectations. Needless to say, I was on the road in a week and I didn’t have to waste any more time shopping around because they did all the work for me. Highly recommended!


Canada East Rides really stepped up for me! The engine went in my car so I needed something reliable as quick as possible because I drive 45 minutes each way to work every day. I applied online and was I contacted within 2 hours. The dealership worked with me by phone and email to find me the perfect car that fit my budget and needs. All I had to do was go in and sign the paperwork the next day and I was back on the road. I didn’t even miss a day of work! Will definitely use your services again. Thank you for the simplest car buying experience ever!


As a full time student working part time, it is hard to find time to search for a vehicle. All my friends told me not to bother looking for financing because I had no credit. I filled out an application on Canada East Rides for fun and they contacted me right away. I was on the road that same week. When looking at vehicles, they even picked me up and drove me home multiple times free of charge so I wouldn’t have to take the bus or taxi. Thank you for making it such an easy, stress-free process Canada East Rides!


Such an easy process for buying a car. They go above and beyond to find you the right vehicle. I was in need of a 7 passenger SUV for my growing family and was adamant about not driving a van. Canada East Rides helped me find my 7 seat Dodge Journey and I have never been happier. I will be using them again for my next purchase.


I live in a remote area of NB where there aren’t any dealerships close and I don’t have the time or means to continuously drive into town to shop for vehicles. I applied on Canada East Rides and was very impressed about how I was contacted within a matter of hours. They completely understood my travel restrictions and worked with me diligently by phone and email for over 2 weeks to find me the car I was looking for. The best part about the process was that I didn’t even have to leave my house because they delivered it right to my door! I highly recommend their services to everyone. Best car buying experience ever!


My 2012 Ford F150 was on its last limb and I needed something newer before it kicked the bucket. A car or SUV wouldn’t work for me due to working construction but every dealership I went to said another truck wouldn’t be possible. Finally I applied at Canada East Rides and they came through for me when no one else could! They set me up with a local dealership that took my truck on a trade and found me the perfect replacement.